My primary piece of software I use is The Foundry MODO, and Cinema 4D. Some past works where made in DAZ3D Hexagon.  Hexagon is simple yet powerful, and what's more, its currently $20.  


My organic sculpting is done in Pixologic Zbrush 4, this is a Digital sculpting piece of software that's constantly in development, this is a industry favourite.  


My 3rd piece of software, is Cinema 4D which has the pluging Vray 3.5, this is by far the best and currently the most used render engine,  some older works are done in Luxology Modo. Modo is a good all round modelling, sculpting, Painting, Animation, Rendering piece of software, and its real strength for me is its Rendering engine, all my work is rendered in Modo

Post work

No production could be without some kind of post 2D software, and my choice is Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.

It goes without saying that in the right hands allot can be done in this software, its powerful, and gets you that polish.